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Eye Contact : A Memoir

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Eye Contact is the story of a photographer's decade-long journey in search of meaning and manhood. An experienced freelancer with the New York Times, author Luke Sharrett treats readers to a behind-the-scenes look at covering the White House and flying aboard Air Force One. Despite achieving professional success at a young age, he is haunted by a feeling that he simply doesn't belong. He can't seem to outrun a nagging fear that he doesn't have what it takes to succeed in life. As he navigates his career, he begins searching for answers. Who am I? Where do I belong? Do I have what it takes?

The author's mission to embody a heroic masculine archetype plays out over the course of a decade on the frontlines of the news industry. He leads the reader places few have had the privilege of experiencing for themselves. Whether embedded with Navy SEAL boat teams, chasing hurricanes on Florida's Gulf Coast, or tagging along on Cajun Navy rescue missions through the flooded streets of Houston, Sharrett employs trademark humor and emotional vulnerability to craft a memoir brimming with stories of risk-taking and adventure. Follow along as he travels deep underground into an active coal mine in West Virginia and confronts the unknown at the Roswell crash site in New Mexico.

Sharrett's journey culminates with his participation in a mass parachute drop near the beaches of Normandy on the 75th Anniversary of D-Day. To accomplish this he must confront his fears and transform into a man of courage and strength. Eye Contact explores a subject that needs to be addressed now more than ever. In this day and age, what does it mean to be a man?

As a bonus, each chapter in Eye Contact has a corresponding online photo gallery. Simply visit this URL once you finish the chapter:

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